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Hi! I’m Inbal, I’m a designer from Tel Aviv relocated to beautiful California, with my family, 7 years ago. I've always loved to write since I was a child and now I’m really happy to share my world with you at my Arts & Bites blog!

In my blog you can read about me touring San Francisco, looking for the most inspiring spots in the city (and outside of the city). I usually write about unique artists, local designers and their stories, about delicious food, especially sweets and cakes, which are one of my biggest loves! 


My Journey


I graduated from Shankar collage in the Jewelry design department, after four inspiring years of creation, including a summer working in NYC.  Then I moved to Milan, Italy, to complete my Master of Arts in Design. Besides learning for the first time, to drink espresso and talk Italian, I found myself designing bags, sunglasses, shoes and jewelry for luxury brands like Cartier, Montblanc and Chloe.  I complete my master by spending the winter working for the design studio of Lancel in Paris, France. I then listen to my heart and started my own accessories design studio, my last collection was focused on handmade and hand printed laptop bags.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 16.53.41.png


When I’m not writing or on the hunt for new interesting spots, I’m either taking photos, watching documentary films or baking cookies with my kids.


Arts & Bites tours

Despite my big love for traveling and exploring new places, relocating to another country with 2 kids (already 3) and keeping my business running, turned out not to be the easiest thing to do. Trying to find my place in all this, I stared touring San Francisco, searching for places that will make me feel at home. Day by day I fell in love with this therapist walkings, inspired by the beautiful places, shapes and colors around the city.

Along with writing my blog, I’m also running Arts & Bites tours, which are inspirational tours of Curated food, art & design. Sharing with you my passion for art and design and my love for sweets. A break of inspiration, a chance to discover the gems of San Francisco by meeting the people and hearing the stories behind the pastry shops, the art galleries, the design studios and cafe’s I uncover in the city.


Take time for yourself, read, get inspired, and enjoy little moments

See you soon! Inbal

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