10 things I FOUnd about California

Time flies, it feels like yesterday but has been four years since I moved to California, with 8 suitcases, a bag design business, my love and two kids.

I definitely fell in love with the California vibe but still miss home almost every day. I unpacked my things, added another kid to my story and nowadays excited about starting a new way in my career. 10 things I discovered about beautiful California, along the way…

Avocado toast

No matter which California city you choose with ׳san׳ in the beginning, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego…. you can always find a tasty avocado toast which includes a different kind of toasted bread, a generous amount of sliced avocado, salt, paper and a few lemon drops. Some of them also use secret spices which I’m still working on finding what they are…


Being the urban girl I am, living all my life in apartment buildings (until I moved here) I kind of love all this flora around me. Inside, Outside, in a coffee shop, on the wall, everywhere around me there are flowers and plants hugging me. I found it beautiful and kind of relaxing, starting to feel naked without a plant near me...


I know people visiting San Francisco will tell you the coffee is sour, I guess I got used to it. When I found out that San Francisco is a city that takes coffee quite seriously I felt a big relief. I never saw before so many people that really weigh, grind and use a timer while making your coffee. By the way, Santa cruz is not just about skateboards I find - they also have amazing coffee companies too


To begin with I’m not that much of a colorful person, but since moving to California I like the pale palette even more. All this monochromatic, light pink, gray, pale blue and white, a lot of clean, clear white just gets me!


A few years ago if you’ve told me I’d love ceramics I would have probably laughed. I had this brown glossy image in my mind when I heard the word "ceramics" but that all changed.

I have at least 3 local ceramics brands which I LOVE. I just admire their way of doing it light, in matte colors with simple beautiful shapes, plus it’s all Hand made!


In the Hot Israeli weather the only berries that you can find are the frozen ones, so for me living in a place with real and fresh berries is a dream. Baking a cake with beautiful pink raspberries, eating my yogurt with small blueberries or just put a handful of blackberries in my mouth can make me super happy! Reminds me the days that I used to live in Paris....


Sunny California you are so perfect for me, minus the gray days in the city. No matter which season is now, mornings and evenings will always be a bit cold and the most important fact is that you never sweat here


With so many things on my to do list, It took me two years to get my California drivers licenses and I agree, for someone that learned how to drive outside of the US, there are a few strange rules like turning right on a red light or giving right of way to the ones who coming from your left but hey nobody horns here or cuts you on the road


At school, at the super market, on the street or in the gas station, no matter where you’ll go, people will always smile at you. In the beginning I thought it’s a bit weird but once you get used to it you can never go back


I feel like no matter how many years I’ll live here, there will always be beautiful places that I haven’t visited yet. Once you get used to sitting a lot in your car, you can go everywhere. Snow, sun, lakes, old trees, mountains, small magic towns, beaches and forests.

California you are so good to me!