A studio visit to ABS Objects

One of the most inspiring things I did in Tel Aviv this summer was visiting diffrents ceramic artists in their studios. I'm super excited to share it all with you!

My first visit was to ABS Objects, I went up the stairs in an old Telavivian building, very excited to meet Avi Ben Shoshan and to hear the story behind his magical ceramics objects. His studio is definitely a small- magical place, with natural light and shelves full of pastel ceramic objects.

Ben Shoshan has a bachelor degree in Industrial design from the same college I went to, Shenkar college of Art, Design and Engineering. While studying, he took one course in Ceramics that really made him curious about clay. When he finished his studies he got a one year fellowship at Bet biniamini, a contemporary ceramic center in Tel Aviv. That gave him an opportunity to go deeper in his clay work, to learn new techniques and to collabrate with diffrent artists in the fields of jewlery design and culinary arts.

Two years ago he opened his own studio, where he creates sustainable, timeless and functional ceramic objects, all hand made. His wish is that the user will create their own unique use, like a cup that can make its way to the living room shelf as a sculpture.

"I would like to think my objects have no gender, they can be both male and female. Meaning, I look at them as a living organism. Working with clay often feels like you're working with a living thing".

His biggest inspiration is archeology and the human body, it's movement and curves. He is interested much in the relationships between human and object and tries to reflect those relations in his objects. Ben Shoshan aims to make objects that people can identify with. He's interested in sensitive and soft form objects that make you want to live with them for a long time.

He's also inspired by the local history, the mediterranean ceramics as well as Middle Eastern arts and crafts.

I really enjoyed talking with Avi, feeling the atmosphere of the studio, and I can't wait to see his next directions and new projects!

*All photos were taking by Inbal Ithachi