a studio visit to Plus O Plus

Michal Rolland's ceramics studio Plus o Plus, is definitely one of south Tel Aviv's hidden gems. On a summer day, we sat down for a talk in her white and beautiful studio space, surrounded by earthy ceramic creations and the dry flowers she collects.

After studying Visual communication and working nine-to-five in front of the computer, Rolland was desiring to work with real materials and to study the field of interior design. She did a few projects, the main one was designing We love plants, one of the most beautiful urban plants shop in Tel-Aviv, owned by her partner in life, Chen.

(The photo was taken at We love plants)

After working and experimenting with wood she felt like exploring more materials, then she discovered clay. Looking for her own way with clay, she initially drew inspiration from Scandinavian shapes and style, striving for perfection. Later she tried diffrent techniques and started to loosen up; working with the material, loving her mistakes, and enjoying the meditative process.

Rolland was inspired and encouraged by her partner in life, Chen, to open her studio and to have a space of her own. In her beautiful studio, which she both designed and built by herself, with the help of Chen, you can see her love for minimalism, her good taste and her color palette, which shows a strong connection to the earth and land.

Rolland designs and makes by hand different earthy ceramic planters as well as some tableware.

One of her most known projects is the "Boob planter", which started as a special project for "Women's international day", and after being so popular, Rolland kept on producing it in different colors and textures.

"one of my favorite things about making ceramics is the learning process of how to balance my body, finding both the center of myself and the center of the clay..."

Her studio's name +O+ (plus o plus) has a typographic meaning, it cames from this idea, of centering your body and finding the center of the clay, while working on the potter's wheel.

I felt a strong connection to Michal's clean aesthetics and mindset. Can't wait to visit her again. If you missed my previous studio visit to ABS Objects, you are welcome to read it here: https://www.artsandbites.com/post/a-studio-visit-to-abs-objects



*All photos were taking by Inbal Ithachi