A studio visit to ronit yam pottery

Ronit and I met through Instagram a while ago and became online friends. Last summer I had the chance to visit her in her beautiful house and studio in Haifa, Israel.

Ronit studied to be a pastry chef at Estella school and had a boutique catering shop for desserts and pastries, from her home, for many years.

When she had the need of tableware for her pastries and desserts, she decided to take a once a week pottery wheel course. Her connection to ceramics was love at first sight, "I just felt at home", she mentioned.

The 'once a week' course became a twice and then three times, but what really made her dream come true was a birthday gift from her mom, a small kiln and a pottery wheel. She felt in heaven and started creating from home. She didn't know back then that ceramics will be her new business and passion.

She created tableware for her own joy and when noticing how many pieces she made, she understood that she needed to sell them in order to make more space for new ones. This is how her ceramics studio started three years ago and the hobby became her new business. She then decided to stop making pastries and focus more on ceramics.

Today she teaches ceramics in her magical studio and creates beautiful hand made tableware and planters. She works in small series and is trying new designs and glazes all the time. Ronit usually works with the natural color of the clay, she lets the clay lead her to the creation and she likes to highlight the imperfect. Here you can see more of her beautiful work!

"Ceramics is a long time process, it's a lesson in patience. I always have more to learn and to grow. I want to keep on creating forever"

I spent more then two hours at Ronit's studio, discovering her minimalist ceramics pieces, having coffee with a delicious cake, watching her make a beautiful vase on the wheel and have a talk from heart to heart. Thank you Ronit for this precious time, hope we can do it again soon!

*All photos were taking by Inbal Ithachi