Dreamy Sunday brunch at Petit Crenn

Petit Crenn was on my restaurants list for about 3 years, even though its located on the very edge of my favorite neighborhood, Hayes Valley, past all the beautiful shops, still I always felt this place has it’s own magic and guess what? I was totally right!

I picked the perfect Sunday to come here with my best friend (kids not included) to check out their brunch menu. This restaurant is truly Petit; the cozy space, the wooden tables, the white chairs, the menu, everything was magical to me in it’s petit way. I always liked small things and thought through details. The open kitchen allows you to feel the beat of the restaurant, the aesthetics are simple and clean, all white with a touch of green.

First thing that caught my eyes, while glancing through the menu, was the ‘Brioche french toast’ but then I heard the voice of my beloved father over my shoulder, telling me and my sister while flipping a french toast in the pan: “first eat a salty one, than a sweet one”.

I chose to start with the eggs Benedict. When I drove my fork into the layers of egg, braised leek, smoked trout and in the end the dreamy brioche I felt that all the birds in Hayes Valley are singing for me, definitely the best egg Benedict I ever had!

While writing this post, I remembered that I also heard about Chef Dominique Crenn, when I saw my favorite TV series “Chef’s Table” and was so happy to see a top line female Chef with a restaurant that is in San Francisco and not in Peru, Korea or Brazil!

Coming from Brittany, France, she arrived to San Francisco in the late 80’s and in 2011

was the first female in the United States to receive 2 Michelin stars for her first restaurant in San Francisco, Atelier Crenn (which I didn't visit yet).

After eating a salty dish, every little crumb of it, including licking the fork and my fingers I finally ordered my french toast. Made out of fluffy Brioche, served with cooked soft plums, Vanilla Custard and on top a brown sugar oat tuille, it felt like a dream…

Maybe my dad should consider to start using Brioche for his french toast too!

Hayes Valley - I never was so ready to wander around your streets.

Have a beautiful Sunday Y’all!

Petit Crenn

609 Hayes st. San Francisco

Tuesday- Friday 5pm-10pm

Saturday 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm

Sunday 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm

Monday - closed