Minnesota street project

I’m walking around an industrial area of San Francisco, Passing black trailers and workers in their yellow work overalls until I reach Minnesota street project, a huge structure with different art galleries. Stepping inside this big white hangar with many doors, I feel like I want to run like a child between the rooms, discover the secrets within. The galleries host a combination of the local San Francisco’s contemporary art community and international artists, In a recent visit here I was mostly curios about Windy Chien work

Windy Chien

As a jewlery designer myself, I used to work with diffrent kinds of ropes in my work and Windy Chien projects just drew me into her room.

Chien is a Chinese-American artist with a background in the music industry. She believes artists have responsibility to modernize traditional crafts and forms, in her case - Macrame, a form of textile produced using knotting techniques.

She works in both small and large scale, her inspiration ranges from graphic design elements, electronics parts to the New York subway map. She works without planning or sketching, she guided herself from her intuition.

In her most known project: The Year Of Knots, she learned a new knot everyday for a year.

She started her project in January 2016 after leaving her career at Apple. She was going through a creative search, trying to find some new purpose for the new year. Chien describes her project as her Art school, learning lines, colors, shapes and texture, a new language, a new form of communication

you can watch her making one of her knots here:


Minnesota street project

1275 Minnesota st. San Francisco

Tuesday- Saturday 11am-6pm

Sunday & Monday closed