Morning with my love at Art district L.A.

When I get a few hours with my love, no kids above age one year old included, I feel so lucky,

like in the old days, and when it happened in L.A. it’s even more fun!

I decided to check out the Art district in down town L.A. for the first time and I totally fell in love… We started the day at Maru coffee which located in a big, beautiful industrial space.

All the walls are white with minimalistic wood sits, I LOVE it. Everything with a clean lines and a graphic touch, from the coffee menu, to the bread and butter on the tray and the long benches. The music was perfect, the granola bowl was so good, this place just make me feel so relax.

I even ask them where their cups coming from because I never hold such a nice and smooth cup of coffee! It’s from Portland of course…..

After the coffee we felt ready for some art and we continued to Hauser and Wirth gallery.

I had in mind a one room gallery so I was surprised to see this beautiful and huge culture space which includes an indoor and outdoor art galleries, a restaurant and a book shop, which is one of my favorite kind of shops, that always make me happy.

We started exploring the place, wandering around the courtyard and saw Calder: Nonspace exhibition. Big, monochromatic, black sculptures were standing between the ground and the sky. We continued to the south gallery and were amazed by the indoor works of Calder. All of them were minimalistic and airy, just in black (besides one white), felt like they dancing in this white and tall space. Just wanted to stay there forever, surrounded by this dancing sculptures.

We also visited the book shop, searching for artists that we like and exploring some new ones. making an effort not to take home everything we like. We just made a new library in our living room, after visiting Israel in the summer, we decided to ship by sea all of our beloved art and design books!

After another 2 inspiring exhibitions we felt ready for lunch and we sat down at Manuela restaurant at the courtyard, enthusing from the bold design and the nice dialog between the inside and the outside of the space.

We ordered some cocktails to celebrate this beautiful day and we shared some delicious potatoes with picked onion and a beet salad with puffed wild rice.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it but the weather was perfect and when I’m talking about perfecr, I mean a short T shirt perfect kind of day!