Playing with Paper, dreaming of Japan

Before I even knew how to write I remember that I LOVED paper, it just always gets me excited.

I like to close my eyes and smell the inside of a book, I used to cut and draw on paper and obsessively collect, different kinds of paper notebooks, napkins, stickers and writing papers. Guess what? more than 30 years later and i still feel the same!

When I entered Playmountain East that day I felt I’m in heaven, looking around me, surrounded by beautiful stationary. Playmountain East, is a Japanese pop up style store and gallery that brings every month different Japanese artists and brands. In a recent show they combine 3 inspiring brands which are making an incredible objects that inspired or made from paper.

The first one is SIWA, a paper company that makes different kinds of baskets, wallets and bags for daily use, All made from Naoron paper and have this amazing crumpled look. They are keeping the Japanese aesthetics and tradition while using modern and simple shapes.

The second brand, PaperEden, in collaboration with a florist in Tokyo, also using SIWA Washi paper to create beautiful and detailed paper flowers that come in an aesthetic, transparent package.

The last and most special one, i ro-si is a brand created by two Japanese brothers, taking their inspiration from their childhood, when they used to create their own toys.

Their brand includes playful bags, wallets and different kinds of cases. It feels like paper but all made from Leather, without any glue or stitches! (from my experience this is a very hard challenge to overcome) Only by folding the leather into clean and simple shapes.

I had no choice but to pick me some early birthday presents… Meanwhile I’ll keep on playing with paper and dreaming about traveling to Japan.

Playmountain East

555 Alabama Street San Francisco

Monday & Tuesday - closed Wednesday 11am-3pm Thursday-Sunday 11am-6pm